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Lingonberry – the new super berry?

Lingonberry – the new super berry?

Recently in media, lingonberries has been said to have unique health effects. Is that correct?


The information behind the recent writings in our daily newspapers, are to find in the study implemented by the: Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism Volume 2014 (2014), (Article ID 403041, 12 pages).


The purpose of the study was to compare 8 different berries’ ability to reduce or prevent metabolic abnormalities related to type 2 diabetes. The study was carried out for 13 weeks on mice. The many diets that were compared were: low fat, high fat and a high fat diet with 20 % of the various berries. 10 different diet approaches were studied, with basically the same energy contents (kcal). Unfortunately, a low fat diet including the various berries was not studied.


During the 13 weeks, the low fat diet proved to be the more effective, followed closely by the high fat diet including lingonberries. These two diets both proved to minimize weight gain and showed good values for: insulin, inflammation degree and cholesterol, to mention a few examples. All of this information is available in the study.


Please take note; there is a vast difference between lingonberries and lingonberry jam!

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