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Barbecue season

Barbecue season!


The summer is finally here and it's peak season to use the barbecue! here are some information about grilling for you that's interested in eating healthy. When we're grilling the food hard, substances are formed that's not good for us. In addition to read meat, it's good to mix it up with other sources of protein. Try to grill different kinds of fish and vegetarian dishes from time to time, it's not harder to cook than any other food and it's insanely good! With some pointers and recepies, SAFE wish that you enjoy the food and the summer!


Coal on the grill is better than coal on your plate!

When proteins, especially meat, gets burned, polyaromatic hydrocarbons is formed. These are cancer inducing. It doesn't mean you get cancer from eating just a bite red meat that's a little burned. What it do mean is that it increases the risk to develop some types of cancer. The more often you choose to eat burned provisions, the higher the risk. With that said, wait until the coal glows and try to avoid fat from dripping onto the coal, because it can easily catch flames. Strive for coal that glows in the grill rather than on your plate.


Meat, meat and meat

There are convincing connections between a large intake of red meat and other meat products and increasing development of cancer in your colon and rectum. These are the third most commonly forms of cancer in Sweden. In other places in Europe it's even more common than that. To the red meat group counts beef, pork, lamb and goatmeat. Chicken and other birds do not fall into that category. Other meat products that increases the risks are all kinds of processed meat details such as salami, ham, sausage etc. You really need to look over your weekly intake of these products. It shouldn't be more than 500 gram which is the maximum intake to avoid the risk of getting bowel cancer. It corresponds approximately three porkchops or half of a flint steak spread out over the week.


What you choose to eat makes a different how you feel today and in the future. To enjoy what you eat and vary the dishes is basic tips. 


Emelie Segergren

Lic. Nutritional advisor


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